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HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. oh dear god, are you serious!?!? Oh no!! Ino bought a DHC suit—what a bitch!! Pttcchhhahaha! alright. okay. I’m done…I’ve totally given up on the furry fandom.
Hey guys, the next time you decide to fish out $2000+ for a professional suit from DHC, you might as well shove the money up your ass, cause apparently you will transform into a mean, mean person! Rawr!

albino, you’d better commish a suit from them too because you’re, according to the furry fandom, a REAL BITCH HWO ONLUY MAKE RAEP JOEKS GO TO EHLL

Indeend. I’m so glad we have blogs like FSB, and this one to tell me and everyone just what type I person I am! After all, they know me better than I know myself! Y’all betta not come near me, cause I’m a crepid bitch who is EXACTLY how I’m described on a tumblr blog. xD *crawls under rock*

Omfg, people just don’t understand shit xD I’m pissed that Ino bought a suit from DHC honestly. Her suits are fine as they are D: but yeah e-e don’t you ever buy a suit from them Albino! Cause yoooo, your suits are the shit and you’re just amazing,but yeah hah. Don’t listen to that nooob huehuehue 8I

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look at his little hands!

I love how stitch has a habit of grasping at things when hes anxious.  One of my favorite parts of the movie is when hes standing in the wreckage of Lilos home, with nothing left to destroy and Jumba comments that he never gave stitch a greater purpose than to destroy.  “What must it be like to have nothing, not even memories to visit” and Stitch is looking around and clenching and un-clenching his hands. 

Its a very nice little habit that they gave him, especially since hes so smart but doesn’t talk much.  It gives him a sort of human anchor, something that ties him to us and gives us something to recognize and read. 

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